Insurance Solutions Group: Competent and Experienced

Mission Statement

Insurance Solutions Group (ISG) is devoted to providing policyholders in Texas and across the United States with all forms of property and casualty insurance, as well as life and health insurance, for peace of mind and minimization of risk. We will creatively optimize policyholders' protection with "blue-chip" carriers, while exhibiting the highest ethical conduct. Our diligence, experience and resourcefulness will enable us to tailor coverage, maximize value and, likely, generate significant savings. Commitment to superlative customer service is our hallmark.




As competent and experienced insurance agents, our main priorities are respectability and reliability, when it comes to advising our customers. We will support you in choosing your future insurance coverage. We are an independent insurance agency, so we are not bound or “obligated” to any insurance providers. We have built our mission statement from these five guiding themes:

  • Expertise
    We have expertise pertaining to virtually all insurance questions, as this is fortified by experience gained over many years. Plus, we regularly participate in relevant continuing education courses that run the insurance gamut.
  • Customer Service
    Closing an insurance contract is a very personal matter and a partnership has been formed. We appreciate your trust in our independent insurance agency and our assistance to you is continuous and comprehensive…claims assistance, policy changes, audit oversight, checking all key carriers prior to proposing a renewal, negotiating the lowest possible premiums with Underwriters, certificate of insurance preparation and issuance and periodic calls or visits.
  • Individual Solutions
    Our experience shows that there is seldom a universal solution when it comes to the right insurance or comprehensive package. We believe in creating customized insurance solutions for our customers.
  • Reporting Claims
    Our service doesn't end with the closing of an insurance contract. We stand by you with help and advice in the event that you have to report a claim. In most cases, our policyholders appreciate it when we initiate a 3-way call to the claims department and have all the policy information ready to review. We’ll lead the call, collect the claim number along with you and ensure that the claim is satisfied expeditiously and at full value.
  • Long-Term Partnerships
    We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and we are grateful for many long-standing clients.


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