Protect Yourself: Home & Auto Insurance

Whether you're hosting a private party at home or are on your way to the supermarket, accidents can happen and you could be held responsible. Liability insurance protects you from the claims of third parties. Personal liability insurance prevents serious financial jeopardy in the event of unintentional harm to others that result in damage claims. Some policies may also extend coverage to your household pets. Insurance Solutions Group (ISG) will help you determine which Auto and Homeowner’s Insurance policy is right for you.

Auto Insurance


An auto insurance policy is required to operate a motor vehicle throughout the United States. A comprehensive auto insurance plan can protect you with liability coverage that pays for any injuries or damage you or other drivers in your family cause. Also, you are entitled to a vigorous legal defense, in any case necessary, which pertains to injured parties or to fend off illegitimate claims. We will help you select the appropriate coverage for automobiles, motorcycles, recreational vehicles and boats:


  • Liability
  • Personal Injury Protection
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists…it’s estimated that 25% of Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex (DFW) drivers have no auto insurance.
  • Comprehensive
  • Collision
  • Towing, rental reimbursement


Naturally, two types of auto insurance are mandated in the US: The no-fault system and the tort system. Used by most states, the no-fault system stipulates that your insurance company will pay your injury claims in the event of an accident (up to a predetermined limit), no matter who caused it. This system is in place locally, in North Texas and the Mid-Cities, and throughout the state of Texas. The tort system, by contrast, stipulates that those who are injured in auto accidents must seek out-of-pocket medical care, and then hold the insurance company of the driver responsible for reimbursement.

Homeowner's Insurance


This is crucial coverage for every homeowner and family. Your home is usually the most important asset or investment of your lifetime (outside of family, of course). This is where you grow and nurture the family and it’s the site of life’s greatest and happiest memories! So, it’s very important to work with an independent insurance agency with knowledgeable agents. Your situation will be evaluated and recommendations on coverage will be advocated and thoroughly explained, so you can make effective decisions and choices. We will ensure proper valuation of your home and encourage you to obtain an All Perils policy instead of a more limited Named Perils policy that some agencies propose. Also, there are important factors we can discuss with you regarding accidental discharge or seepage of water, etc. Proper coverage for your jewelry or other high value items should be attended to correctly.

Umbrella Insurance


Another important consideration is Personal Umbrella Insurance. For more information, review the section on Umbrella Insurance.

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