Protect Your Assets: Umbrella Insurance

Protection beyond your personal and business insurance coverage

It is very important to have an Umbrella Insurance Policy, because it protects you from catastrophic claims and it is much more affordable than people think! It provides an extra layer of protection against lawsuits resulting from damage to someone else’s property or injuries as a result of an accident. The Umbrella Insurance coverage comes into play when all of your existing or underlying coverage limits are exhausted or depleted (personal home & auto insurance or commercial insurance).


It protects against claims by injured or damaged third parties, such as:

·          Property damage to a third party that is damaged or ruined

·          Any bodily injury another party sustains attributed to you

·          Slip and fall

·          Defamation

·          Libel and slander

·          Animal bites


So, if your maximum insurance coverage limits are reached or surpassed in an accident involving your home, auto or business, your Umbrella Insurance policy will come into play! On many occasions, Umbrella coverage has prevented many families and businesses from financial ruin!


For families, Umbrella coverage of an additional $1 million can cost only $100 to $300/year. For some individuals and companies, it is advisable to obtain an even higher coverage amount.


If you are contemplating the desirability of an Umbrella Insurance policy, please ask yourself if any of these situations could happen to you:


·         An auto accident that severely injured someone. What if they were paralyzed or unable to work or needed several surgeries and ongoing physical therapy?

·         Could a youngster crossing your front lawn to play with friends on a bike fall and sustain a brain injury?

·         What if one of your neighbors brings you some cookies and trips and falls on your front steps?

·         Could you be unjustly sued by someone?


Remember, any of these devastating scenarios could cause many of your assets to be confiscated and a portion of your paycheck to be withheld. Why jeopardize all of the hard work you put in to build your financial portfolio, as well as your financial future? Please realize that these unfortunate situations can occur without any awareness, involvement or irresponsibility on your part -”stuff” just happens!


Ask any of our agents to provide you with a home and auto insurance umbrella policy quote. And if you are a business owner, request a quote for a commercial umbrella insurance policy. It will be much less costly than you anticipate, and then you will have financial peace-of-mind.

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